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Alumni Spotlight Podcast: Will McIsaac (MBA/MFin'18)

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

QUAAF is now on Spotify & Apple Podcast! Tune in for Episode#2 of QUAAF Spotlight Series. For today's #SpotlightSaturday, we spoke with William McIsaac, Associate at Sagard Holdings.

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William McIsaac is an Associate at Sagard Holdings and is based in Toronto where he is responsible for intellectual property and structured credit investments in the life sciences sector. Prior to this role, William was an Analyst at DRI Capital where he was responsible for making royalty and structured credit investments in the biopharmaceutical industry. Will transitioned into investments from scientific research after finishing his MBA at Queen’s.

QUAAF Spotlight Series (QSS) features Queen's University Alternative Asset Fund (QUAAF) alumni who have built successful careers and explores their experiences that have ultimately landed them where they are today.

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