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Eve Liu (MMAI'21)

Eve Liu

  • Program / Class: Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence, Class of 2021

  • QUAAF Tenure: September 2020 – Present

  • QUAAF Position(s): Advisor (Data)

Why did you join QUAAF? 

I wanted to join QUAAF to share the ideas and thinking for fund investment.  QUAAF is unique, and has a community dedicated for learning.  This community can be more collaborative and stronger than even that of the actual degree.  A lot of the work at QUAAF has gone much further than what’s covered in the coursework. Everyone is guaranteed to learn more as a QUAAF member.

How do you see your work / activity / involvement in QUAAF tying into your degree & career aspirations?

I’m in the MMAI ’21 program, and my activity in QUAAF is revolved around the career path I want to take.  I’m working on AI-driven algorithmic trading strategies within the Data Science team at QUAAF, and would also offer suggestions and advice to the investment team as needed.  

Tell us about your time at Pantheon, Blackstone, and now Lawli:

At Blackstone I worked in the hedge fund solutions division, in a team that covers UK and European institutional investors and their custom-engineered portfolios.  Pantheon invests globally as a fund of private equity funds with $55bn AuM.  At Pantheon, I got to analyze the successful investments versus the ones written off by all stages of PE funds, which was interesting. Lawli is a legal AI to solve the problems of expensive and slow legal services for companies and individuals. Lawli assists to reduce overall billable hours and the legal costs.

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