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Alumni Spotlight Podcast: Will Wang (MBA'15)

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Tune in for Episode#3 of QUAAF Spotlight Series. This week's topic is "Hard Work Pays off". Join us with Will Wang on how he landed his career in private equity at Clearspring Capital Partners.

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Will Wang grew up in Beijing, China and went to the United States for university where he studied Accounting at Penn State and upon graduation and got a job at Deloitte doing audit in Philadelphia. After one year at Deloitte, he was unable to obtain the H1B work visa and subsequently moved back to China. That's when Will decided to move to Canada and join the Queen's full time MBA program.

The MBA program provided a great opportunity to explore a different career path. Will focused on learning more about the finance industry and eventually got a job at Scotia Investment Banking. Will spent about 3 years at Scotia, mainly covering TMT and Healthcare companies and was involved in a few M&A, debt and equity financing deals. He then became very interested in Private Equity and luckily found a job at his current firm, Clearspring Capital Partners.

Clearspring is one of Canada's leading private equity firms, with a focus on helping mid-market companies grow to be leaders in their industries. Will has been at Clearspring for two years now where his job includes both evaluating new investment opportunities and managing existing portfolio companies. Will have had a great experience so far and he is happy to say that he made a good decision coming to Canada.

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